Size 35 or 42? One size does not fit all

Summer 2016

For most women, finding stylish shoes that fit isn’t really an issue. Even if your shoe size varies slightly from brand to brand, it’s a given that—if you’re between a size 6 and 9—you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. For women whose feet are smaller than a 6 or larger than 10, however, shopping for shoes becomes a real burden.

And if you buy them, they are half a size too small or half a size too large. You suffer from wearing them and after a few weeks, they end up in the closet living a life in the dark…

In fact, it’s very surprising that locating a contemporary, cool, on-trend shoe in a size 35 or a size 42 isn’t easier.

For decades, we believed that people are getting taller and heavier, as they have for generation after generation. And their feet are getting larger in proportion to their bodies.

Still, not everyone’s feet are keeping up with the zeitgeist.

I am lucky enough to be a size 38, but we receive a lot of comments and read a lot of emails from women who ask us where they can find a stylish size 35 or size 42.

Don’t look any further… At Cristofoli Shoes, we make shoes in women’s sizes 35 and 42. Find them in Our shops.

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Vivian Cristofoli
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