For most women, finding stylish shoes that fit isn’t really an issue. Even if your shoe size varies slightly from brand to brand, it’s a given that—if you’re between a size 6 and 9—you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. For women whose feet are smaller than a 6 or larger than 10, however, shopping for shoes becomes a real burden. And if you buy them, they are half a size too small or half a size too large. You suffer from wearing them and after a

According to an article in National Geographic, the type of shoes we wear say a lot about our behaviour. Hmm, sounds interesting. I want to know more about this… We wear our hearts on our soles. “Shoes are the best indicator of how people are feeling,” says June Swann, a shoe historian based in Northampton, England. “The foot is an erotic organ and the shoe is its sexual covering,” wrote William A. Rossi, a podiatrist, in The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe. The shoe is the erotic foot’s

Jess Wood at Marie Claire gives us an insight in the world’s top fashion blogs to follow in 2016. Did you know that every 0.25 of a second, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world? Well, not strictly true (actually, it probably is – we just don’t have the scientific evidence). But it seems like it, non? Yes, a new kid on the block has arrived: The Cristofoli Shoes blog. Cristofoli Shoes are designed, produced and worn by strong minded women all over the world. Our story goes back into

Worn by women all over the world, Cristofoli collection’s of shoes and handbags are truly one of a kind. Cristofolis’ vintage trademark and breezy syle is a constant reminder of days full of sunshine and laughter. With our modern colour combinations and hip styling, our shoes are sure to bring a smile to you and your customers. A perfect marriage of fashion flair as well as comfort, offering an excellent fit, Cristofoli is designed in Belgium. At our Brazilian location, we embrace the local couture studios and craftsmenship to perfect