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  • Shoes for strong minded women

Worn by women all over the world, Cristofoli collection’s of shoes and handbags are truly one of a kind.

Cristofolis’ vintage trademark and breezy syle is a constant reminder of days full of sunshine and laughter. With our modern colour combinations and hip styling, our shoes are sure to bring a smile to you and your customers.

A perfect marriage of fashion flair as well as comfort, offering an excellent fit, Cristofoli is designed in Belgium. At our Brazilian location, we embrace the local couture studios and craftsmenship to perfect this exotic and high-quality must-have staple for your wardrobe.

Adopted by leading fashionista worldwide, Cristofoli Shoes is now finding its way to the hearts of many.

Our shoes and boots are part of the young and inspired design team. CRISTOFOLI understand that besides the traditional type of women shoes, it is important to find that spirit that makes people smile. The combination of the high quality manufacturing is combined with a fresh, upbeat look & feel and is designed to make women dream.

Our shoes and boots collection is designed for funny strong minded women that regard the shoe as being a clear statement that lifts a shade of their personality. Blurring boundaries between races to lift and bring out the smile in each one of us is the mission statement of those exceptional designs.

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